Easy Access Bandages TM/MC Value Pack

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What’s the most frustrating part of adhesive bandages? Getting them out of the wrapper! That’s why Easy Access BandagesTM/MC feature Easy Open Technology so that you can quickly open the bandage to provide fast care. The biggest innovation to bandages since adhesion, Easy Open Technology lets you open bandages without fumbling with messy, difficult-to-grip tabs. Perfect for children and those with arthritic hands, these bandages open with just a smooth pull, making them so easy to open, you’ll say “Wow!” The one-handed application means less risk of contamination, so your wounds can heal quickly with these sterile bandages. This value pack includes flexible fabric and water resistant plastic Easy Access BandagesTM/MC with two different sizes to meet all your wound care needs, from papercuts to scraped knees. Don’t let a wrapper slow you down – get Easy Access BandagesTM/MC today!


  • Item #: 0075-0076
  • Item Name: Easy Access Bandages TM/MC Value Pack


  • Patented Easy Open Technology

    Open and apply Easy Access BandagesTM/MC without struggling with hard-to-open wrappers. Thanks to the fast and effective Easy Open Technology, using these bandages is as easy as 1-2-3! Just grip, pull, and stick to apply the bandage and keep wounds safely covered.

  • Less Contamination Risk

    Keep wounds clean and protected for fast healing. Easy Access BandagesTM/MC have a one-handed application system that reduces the risk of dirt and other contaminants getting underneath the bandage or touching the non-stick pad during application.

  • Flexible Fabric

    Bend, twist, and wiggle your fingers with the fabric Easy Access BandagesTM/MC, designed with a comfortable fabric that fits you better and moves with you. Keep your wounds bandaged without sacrificing your mobility or comfort.

  • Water Resistant Plastic

    Wash your hands or jump in the pool with water resistant Easy Access BandagesTM/MC. The soft plastic keeps it shape and holds up when wet, while the strong adhesive keeps the bandage firmly in place.

  • Color-coded by Size & Style

    Easily find the right size bandage for your cuts and scrapes without losing minutes searching for the right bandage. Easy Access BandagesTM/MC come in packages color-coded by size and style, making it simple to find what you need.

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